2 hours before leaving

Finally the day has arrived that we’ll be hitting that dusty ol’ road.. The idea of going on this trip has been with us for a while now and we are all too eager to start making our legs crazy. First day will be easygoing; visiting some good friends in Utrecht. From Utrecht we’ll take it down to Nijmegen, Venlo and onwards to Germany. After a week we hope to make it to Austria and by that time we will have had sufficient workout to tackle some of those bad ass mountains. Our plan so far is to pass thru Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Iran.. and here’s the first bummer of our trip; we will most likely not be able to cycle through Pakistan. Only very recently Pakistan has made it a bit more difficult obtaining a Visa. Previously it was possible to obtain a Visa down along the road. Nowadays one has to apply in the country of origin and since my buddy Shaun is from Canada that means that he would have to go back home. I still kind of hope that we can obtain it the “Asian” way somewhere in Turkey or Iran (maybe some corrupt official taking small bribes) If we can’t pass thru Pakistan then we would have to consider flying from Tehran to India. From India onwards it’s still a big question mark. I would really love to see Sikkim, Ladakh and Nepal but we also would love to find a way getting into China and make it down to South East Asia. Will i return after a year or will i double it? I guess this is exactly what i find so charming about our trip.. Nothing is fixed and each day can hold new surprises that may make us change our “plans”.. But then again, isn’t that what happens everyday? Except that sometimes we lose the ability a bit to open up to new possibilities and embrace new roads..

This road is calling..!