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Interhelp Foundation aims at the (further) development of a large number of concrete but small scale development and aid projects, mainly in Pakistan. An explicit secondary purpose is to show in practice that Muslims, Christians, Hindus, people from different cultural backgrounds can build bridges, shoulder to shoulder, especially in this time of estrangement and extremism. Especially at this time we want the activities to be the salt that will give a different taste to the world, that seems to be dominated by controversies, extremism and alienation.


The formula is the same in all cases. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, people of different cultures, shoulder to shoulder build further on local initiatives. No high exploitation costs, no mega projects, but assistance to initiatives of the local population with a large appeal on their own sense of responsibility concerning the operation.

No idealistic dreams that are highly abstract or large costs of investments, but a concept that has proved several times that it will generate direct profit. In this project plan we will bring forward several practical examples. A formula where a lot can be reached with relatively few means. Building bridges!

More with less!



Interhelp Foundation is a small but active foundation which dedicates itself out of neighbourly love and charity to the very poorest on our earth, regardless of race, skin colour or religion.

The activities mainly aim at development and education. The philosophy behind these main activities is that education will form the basis of ethics and values and will give a chance for further self-expression to people, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to flee from poverty and the beggar’s staff. The effect of education also has a strong positive impact on the total social climate of the children and adults. Additional activities of the foundation are projects that aim on attainableness of medical care for everyone, assistance of aid-transports (to Afghanistan), emergency help, the training of tracker dogs etc.

What does ‘Low-budget Schools’ mean


The government of Pakistan supports the politics of privatization of education, which results in high tuition fees for the parents. Because of these politics, it has become very difficult for the lower income group to let their children attend classes in primary school. The number of government schools in the country that offer free education is small, often of bad quality and the number of schools certainly is not in proportion to the need of the poorest layers of the population. The private schools, though, ask tremendous sums for tuition fees and are totally out of reach for; a large population group, amongst who are the poor and the minorities.

Usually we see idealists start to teach primary education in the streets of the slums of big cities to small groups of children of minorities. When this is successful and the number of pupils grows rapidly, Interhelp will give assistance. We help building a school that often will be used as church or hospital as well, and as a house for the head master. In acceptance of children for these schools, no difference is made on the basis of race, religion or descent. The basis of these projects is that the community will take care of the exploitation.

In this way several schools were build, and are now successfully functioning. The average capacity of a school is about 150 pupils. The “More with less” project will assist this low budget school project. It is a simple program that consists of the building of schools in places where the initiatives of the local community already has been taken. For less than € 12.500 we will build a primary school where 100 to 150 children can go to school daily. Dependent of the place and the local initiatives, often a multifunctional aim of the building is looked for, which can vary from school-First Aid post, primary-adult education etc. With the cooperation with Impulsis who pays a third of the costs for these projects we only need € 8000 to build such a school.

Let’s make it happen!

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