Sometimes a problem with packing for a trip is that you bring too much stuff, things you think you might need but really you will only use them once or twice. Almost everyday we have been thinking about what we already packed that  we can leave behind to make our bikes lighter.  Already I have left behind some speakers for our mp3 players, aloe lotion for sunburns, a handful of tools, a pair of socks, straps for carrying my panniers, waterproof rain pants,  Maarten left behind 4 harmonicas ,cooking pan, and  the tent which we have never used .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          One thing to remember when packing is that almost everywhere you will travel to you can buy things if you really need them. If winter is 6 months away there is no reason to carry a bunch of warm clothes with you all through the summer, just by some clothes in the country you are in when you need them, then you also have a souvenir.

Shaun’s pack list:

Bags- Two rear waterproof  panniers, a dry sack on top of the back rack, and a waterproof handel-bar bag

Sleeping gear – A thin foam sleeping mat,  light sleeping bag for +7 degrees, one fleece blanket, one big cotton sheet sown together like a sleeping bag, a silk jungle hammock  (holds 350 pounds) with mosquito net sown on and zipper for entry, and a rain fly for the hammock or to use as a ground sheet. All my best nights sleeping outdoors have been in my hammock, I definitely recommend one to anybody planning to camp out!

Clothes – 3 T-shirts, two pair of pants ( one pair of very thin, quick drying, light weight Canadian combat pants for cycling in, and one pair of  pants for wearing on rest days when i feel like wearing something clean) , a pair of thin light weight shorts, one warm wool sweater with a zipper to help regulate body heat while cycling, 3 pair of socks, 2 pair of warm knitted wool socks for those frosty nights (one pair for the hands, one for the feet), one touk , one Plo scarf , pair of leg warmers, 4 pair of boxer shorts (will soon leave a pair or two behind), a gortex rain coat!!!, hiking boots , two bandannas, and a pair of long underwear.

Tools – a pair of allen keys, chain tool, cassette remover , spoke tool, 4 spear spokes, two spear tubes donated by schwalbe, air pump with pressure gauge, patch kit with extra glue, tooth brush and rag for cleaning the chain and cassette, WD40, thick wet lube and dry lube for chain, extra chain to switch between every 1000 km, screwdriver, one cooking pot (for cooking on a fire, we have no stove), small solar panel for charging mp3 players and phones,  bungee cords, multi-tool with knife fork spoon bottle opener and cork screw, can opener, small pliers, and  duct tape.

Music – 2 Mp3 players together carrying about 1400 songs (mostly punk rock and blues), one harmonica in the key of C and one in the key of D, a neck strap for the harmonicas so i can play while cycling, a jaw harp, a thumb piano, and a terrible singing voice! Now here in Turkey Ä° was given a gift….a mandolin from our great friend Onur!

Other stuff – Biodegradable all-purpose soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, nail clippers, scissors, sowing kit, hand sanitizer, tissue paper, pen , notebook, small book called the Little Earth Book, bad ass hard core pepper spray for the packs of vicious dogs waiting for us in the east,  pictures of family, usb stick with important stuff scanned on it (like passport), voice recorder for taking notes and recording cool conversations, two lighters, 3 water bottles, and a bike lock.