Where are we going?

We are 2 bike freaks with the ambition to cycle all the way from The Netherlands to the Far East and beyond. Starting from Amsterdam, cycling through the middle east, and ending up in… We don’t know yet! There is no fixed itinerary nor a tight time schedule we have to stick to. Boundless amounts of pure freedom!

While enjoying our high about having that freedom, there is one thing we have committed ourselves to; returning a favor to the people we meet along the road. Unfortunately we can’t return it to everyone so that’s why we decided on picking one project we wish to make an effort for.

Boys school in Pakistan

Now you may think: “Ok guys, sounds cool but what does a cycling trip have to do with a boys school in Pakistan?” Well, nothing really… We just like to cycle and thought it would be a good way to highlight some of the problems of one of the countries we are passing through, and help the people. We are not the first ones doing something like this, by no means do we dare to say that we are doing something totally original, but that’s not really the point is it?

In a tiny village, not too far away from the hectic city of Lahore, there’s a school that can’t really be called a school. It’s a group of kids sitting beneath a tree in tempatures up to 40-45 degrees with no facilities at all. Their old school collapsed a couple of years ago and nowadays they’re left with nothing at all.

In Pakistan, especially on the countryside, illiteracy is widespread and so is child labor. Lots of children don’t have the opportunity to go to school and receive some basic education. This also can lead to a life of crime and drug abuse as Pakistan has a high number of young people addicted to heroin.

There is a Dutch/Pakistan Foundation that really cares for the fate of these children. Already they took care of building a school for girls (boys and girls go to separate schools in this region) that now offers education to some 250 girls. The boys are still waiting for theirs!

Let go of your image about what a school looks like in our countries.. We are talking about a tiny building with a little toilet section next to it. Nothing too special from our point of view but a blessing for those kids and a huge improvement that will make a great difference.

We believe that education is the most important attribute to development and making people stand on their own. The cycle of poverty has many different causes and may not be easily done away with but basic education is definitely a big step forward towards a better future.We want to help and hope you will to!


We are looking for people willing to sponsor our bike trip. ANY amount is welcome, even the price of having one less cup of coffee from starbucks or one less beer at the bar on the weekend, it wont make a big difference to the quality of your life but to these boys it will mean a world of difference! Each penny will go directly to the project, no bizarre overhead costs such as a director with a 5 number salary or expensive office equipment. Also your bikers promise they won’t buy any cold beers down along the road with your money. All will go directly to the boys in Pakistan!

How much do we need?

The total sum of how much it would cost to build the school would come down to some 18.000 Euro. However, the amount we can come up with will be doubled by a few generous organizations, so that would leave us with some 9000 Euro to collect. It is a lot of money but we will fight.. ehhmm.. bike for it! Let’s see what will happen……..